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Healthy & Whole Testimonials

Boat on Lake

I was impressed by Yafet's humanity and insight in health, the body and nutrition.  He has a good general insight as well as in the details, definetely holistic.  I remember him saying only things that made sense and he was methodic- something quite difficult to achieve in this field.  Knowlegeable, don't let his young appearance fool you”


Belgium, age 49

Green Nature

“Yafet’s has the wonderful ability to listen, understand and encourage. His commitment to be available to speak to any concerns or questions gave me the confidence to keep going when it was tough and the results seemed slow to come. I’m so glad I did!"

Susan Jackson


Green Peas

I am 60 years old and have had rheumatoid arthritis for 56 of those years. After years of conventional medicine and disease management,  I began focusing on natural ways to support my health and mobility, with considerable success. I thought I was on the right track but kept having persistent problems that just seemed to be getting worse…joint pain and inflammation, inability to lose excess weight, very dry skin, swelling in my feet and legs, acid reflux necessitating sleeping with the head of my bed elevated. I had even developed a troublesome cough that my friends and family expressed concern over.  I was praying to find someone who could guide me to tap into my body’s God-designed, natural healing capacity. Yafet has been an answer to that prayer! I am so grateful for his empathy, patience and incredible wealth of knowledge. By following the Lifestyle Recommendations he developed for me, I have seen inflammation subside so that I can be more active, I have lost almost 20 pounds over the past 7 weeks, the swelling is gone, the reflux is gone, my skin is no longer dry and the cough is gone!  The best part is that I actually understand why!  Now I know I am on the right track!”

Susan Jackson


“After I was able to find all items required for the detox I was 100% commited. I have been on a plant based diet for just over 9 months. My brother, over in the UK, challenged me to do Veganuary. So instead of buying him a Christmas gift in 2019 I donated the money I would have spent to Veganuary.  I then continued on into February because I was feeling so good.


I have however noticed that I was feeling more and more bloated with each month that passed. I figured it may have had something to do with my gut biome and needed some outside help. 


This is when I discovered Yafet through a David Wolfe detox program online.  I decided to do a consult with Yafet to help get to the bottom of my bloating and a few over health issues.


Several weeks later I picked the dates to commence my detox and was pleasantly surprised.  


I would say the most noticeable difference was my increased motivation only after the second day.  Also I stopped caffeine in all forms and noticed withdrawal headache almost immediately.  I was only going to do 3 days and decided to add an additional day to continue releasing. I felt that I was close to an emotional, spiritual release on day 3 but needed that extra day to complete. When I left the house on the morning after completing my detox I had such emotion come over me.

So much gratitude was felt and felt this deep inner peace. A song came on the radio that triggered a memory that then lead me to reach out to a friend that was part of that memory.


I am so thankful for how Yafet and I connected to help release another layer of emotion to free me inside.  Excited to what else I discover about myself during this healing journey.



Pampas Grass
Dry Flowers

I started drinking Better Than Coffee and haven't looked back; I love the energy it gives me. It meets that morning desire of something warm, energizing and satisfying without any of the negative affects of coffee. No more migraines or afternoon crashes. It really is better than coffee!

Brooke, 34, BC Canada

Cup of Coffee

I love my Better Than Coffee, which arrived this morning!🙏 wasn’t sure how much to scoop out so I started with a small amount, and the best part was the “after effect,” a sense of clarity and calm that filled me as I started my day. Usually I’m mourning the end of my mushroom cacao drink b/c it’s over, but this time I felt buoyed and clear. I can’t wait to taste it with  coconut milk powder.  Thank you for inventing this herbal wonder!

Sheryl, 56, California, US

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