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Beet Root Juice – Build

Better than coffee

Beet Root Juice – Build

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This is a beautiful magenta colored herb that has become renowned for its positive effects upon the circulatory system – the color gives it away! Beet root is also arguably one of the richest source of nitrates, betaines and betalain pigments (which gives it its deep red-purple appearance). Betaines and betalains have been known to help with the elimination of toxins, and the reduction of homocysteine levels through the methylation pathways (regenerates methionine reductase enzyme), thus, improving cardiovascular health. As a “methyl donor” beet root improves the bodies chemical processes including the metabolism of lipids and DNA formation. Betalains are also anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and aids with detoxification in the liver via increasing the master antioxidant Glutathione. The whole food nitrates in beets are completely different than the synthetic and carcinogenic sodium nitrate preservatives; instead, beet nitrates are converted into nitric oxide in the human body

Nitric oxide is the substance in our bloodstream known especially for improving blood flow to the heart, brain, and muscles, thereby, increasing oxygen utilization. It is also a natural vasodilator which widens the blood vessels and helps lower or maintain healthy blood pressure levels. These effects have also been shown to enhance exercise performance and tolerance to stress; giving you a truly energizing experience. This plant is abundant in vitamin C and folic acid which is important for proper spinal cord development; it also is high in iron which is useful for menstruating women and replenishment of blood. The carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin are plentiful in beets and are the two best compounds that can enter the retina of the eye as well as assist with protection of the skin. Beet root juice has clinically been as a part of therapy for cancer patients with marked success, efficiently eradicating tumors through its antioxidant activity. The juice can also be effective at reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels, making it protective against atherosclerosis. This formula offers you the juice of the beet, making the making it 10x more nutrient rich than normal!

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