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Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses –

Better than coffee

Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses – Re-mineralize

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Yes, this does come from same plant that your table sugar comes from but that’s as far as the similarities go. Blackstrap Molasses is all the good from the sugarcane plant and leaves out all the bad. White refined crystalline sugar is typically 99% sucrose, a strong irritant to the stomach at high amounts, but blackstrap molasses averages about only 30%, with 13% fructose and 12% glucose. There are three grades of molasses, the third boiling and caramelizing of sugarcane juice is referred to as blackstrap because it has maximum amount of sugar crystals removed from the end-product. This extraction process is also what concentrates the final viscous liquid into a dark color full of active minerals. One of the highest known sources of iron is blackstrap molasses, giving 20% of your daily value from 1 tablespoon alone – and it won’t constipate you either; in fact, it can be a rather mild laxative! This is great news for women dealing with anemia, or just pre-menopausal women in general. It is also exceptionally high in absorbable calcium as well as vitamin B6, needed for serotonin production, healthy bones, fluid balance, homocysteine level normalization, and nervous system regulation. Many have used blackstrap molasses with success as a hair and skin rejuvenator, again due to its rich mineral concentration, and sometimes even darkening or reversing grey hair.

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