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Shilajit – Activate

Better than coffee

Shilajit – Activate


Referred to as “the destroyer of weakness”, although this is technically not an “herb” yet still it is classified as one of the top Indian herb-mineral botanicals for immune-regulation, reducing fatigue, speeding wound healing, slowing aging, tonifying the brain, cleansing the blood, and strengthening the liver and kidneys. It is naturally found as an exude isolated and preserved in the high Himalayan Mountains between 10-18000 feet high, and is the product of the microbial breakdown of organic matter that has been pressurized by rock. It is especially added to formulas to act as a potentiator for the uptake of vital nutrients, thus, enhancing the absorption and overall effectiveness of the medicinal properties in the herbs.

Traditionally this tar-like black resin has been used as an antioxidant-rich superfood and known for detoxifying, revitalizing, and strengthening as its key features.

Containing amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and over 85 minerals in natural ionic “charged” form, this substance allows for easier digestion due to the ease with which the nutrients are transported and absorbed. The chief plant chemicals are fulvic and humic acids. Fulvic acid has the ability to react with cells and produce new mineral compounds (biological transmutation). Acts as a natural cleanser and detoxifier of environmental toxins (such as plastics, xenoestrogens, MSG, and heavy metals). Shilajit is known as quintessential adaptogen, toning the kidneys, increasing energy, stimulating appetite, and promoting healthy libido for both genders. Furthermore, it can act as a natural stimulant and energizer to improve physical endurance and recuperation. Research has revealed that its high content of triterpinoids helps fight several different types of diseases including cancers. Science is showing that it may also be a potent aid for combating Alzheimer’s Disease, and that it may even have the potential to dissolve calcification crystals in the tissues and deposits around the bones.  

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