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Better Than Coffee

Better than coffee

Schizandra – Regenerate

schizandra berry.jpg

Referred to as “The Five Flavor Berry” (Wu Wei Zi), this unique longevity Chinese herb has the ability to activate all the 5 flavors of the tongue (sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and salty). It is a beauty-enhancing herb that promotes vigor and alertness, purifies the blood, rejuvenates kidneys, develops spiritual awareness, premier mind tonic for memory and improved focus, protects, detoxifies and regenerates the liver. Schizandra berry also helps reproductive health, has strong antioxidants, suppresses cough, regulates intestinal flora, helps restore proper water balance to cells, strengthens adrenal glands, tonifies the lungs and heart, is a premier adaptogen (increases the body and minds’ ability to cope with stress), regulates and balances the central nervous system, improves vision, hearing and breathing. It has been used with success in China to fight hepatitis. It has been used for increasing attention, concentration, coordination, endurance, and strength in Russia.

Considered a “go-to” herb for conditions of nervous exhaustion or chronic fatigue syndrome and can be used as a neuroprotective to restabilize and stimulate the nervous system without being excitatory in its effects like caffeine. Coffee enema’s have been known to increase the liver’s production of the master antioxidant glutathione peroxidase, but Schizandra has the same powerful capability if taken orally, as well as increasing digestive enzymes, and enzymatic metabolism of liver toxins such as Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase, providing powerful free-radical scavenging capabilities.

Research has shown that its adaptogenic properties have the ability to help stabilize nitric oxide and cortisol levels for increased athletic performance efficiency. It has been compared to milk thistle as a competitor in its ability to be hepatoprotective (protect and repair the liver). Contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, Calcium, Selenium, Silicon, Zinc and Saponins. Schizandra berry is the best known source of tin, which works synergistically with iodine, and supports the function of the adrenal glands.

Animal studies has shown it’s effectiveness to protect against cerebral stroke when combined with ginseng root and another herb. It can help adjust the HPA axis response to stress, and has long been used for “tranquilizing the mind” as a natural coping mechanism for anxiety. It’s varied lignans show promise to aid with neurodegenerative diseases, as its polysaccharides have been shown to reduce beta-amyloid deposition in the brain (a key biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease). The berry can improve both the quality and quantity of sleep and upregulates the expression of GABA (calming neurotransmitter) in the brain. Its pigmentation is based upon a 5-chain xylitol sugar in addition to the very rare red cyanidin. One of the most balanced single foods in the plant kingdom; and will last for days at room temperature in a bottle without spoiling. As is if couldn’t get any better…. Schizandra is a potent source of Shikimic acid or Shikimate which possesses cancer fighting, antiviral, antimicrobial, anticoagulant and antithrombotic properties. It is known now that this same Shikimic acid is a vital part of the Shikamic pathway which is comprised of a seven-step metabolic route used by bacteria (in our gut microbiome) fungi, algae, parasites, and plants for the biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids (phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan) that then help produce our sense of color, taste and smell.

Gingko Biloba – Circulate

gingko biloba.jpg

This herb is truly a force to be reckoned with as it is part of an ancient tree species and is considered by many as the oldest identifiable plant family on earth! The leaves were even found fossilized in the prehistoric rock of the Permian period – some Chinese reports dating over 1,500 years old! The trees are extremely resistant to environmental toxins and adverse weather, surviving both the Ice Age and the atomic bombs of Hiroshima. The Ginkgo leaf is known as a one of the most powerful cerebral vasodilators, increasing the blood circulation in general, and to the head specifically, thus, improving cognition, concentration, and even memory recall. The “doctrine of signature” – with its rounded lobed leaves – indicates its affiliation with brain health. Due to this blood vessel dilation property, it can also increase the oxygenation to the brain, making it an excellent choice for those dealing with stroke or nervous disorders such as dementia, alzheimer’s, depression, tinnitus, emotional disorders and senility.

Since it increases the blood vessel capacity to hold blood it also supports cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, and naturally increases the body’s own production of the energy molecule ATP, which increases the brains electrical activity. The glycosides and terpenes in the plant work on the hippocampus (brain’s memory center) to promote new neurogenesis and nerve cell connection between them – great for short- and long-term memory storage. It can improve Natural Killer cell activity, thereby boosting immune function. Being a gentle herbal stimulant, it has the ability to strongly protect the central nervous system, guarding against free radical, oxidative, and nerve damage. Many have used Gingko as a natural antidepressant, helping to alleviate anxiety, lift the mood, and create a general sense of well-being. Studies show it can help reverse impotence caused by penile atherosclerosis – 30% better than drugs, and can also help with reducing blood cell clumping, a biomarker for congestive heart failure.

Panax Ginseng – Energize

panax ginseng.jpg

There are many Ginseng varieties world-wide, but Panax (“all heal”), is the most well-known for its vivifying effects in tonifying the entire body. As the signature of doctrine suggests, this “king of herbs” is beneficial for the entire human system from head to toe, resembling the figure of a man’s body. Traditionally used in Chinese herbal practice, it has been said that Li Ching-Yuen, the World’s longest living man according to the 1933 Guinness Book of Records, had lived up to 252 years old while consuming copious amounts of natural botanicals, one of which is Ginseng! With powerful immune-stimulating properties, this root work mainly by improving cell-mediated immunity (T cells and NK cells) as well as through mechanism involving apoptosis, oxidative stress, and angiogenesis. Asian Ginseng is a true adaptogen, enabling the body to adjust to mental and physical stressors in the environment very efficiently, including from trauma, stress, fatigue, and brings the organs and glands of the body to homeostasis (normalcy). Continual consumption of this amazing tonic will also bring you a stimulant-like effect, giving a quick boost of energy; yet, unlike caffeine, its long-term effects are to activate and restore the central nervous system – not deplete it, as coffee often does!

Studies have further shown this herb effective in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome and even tumor-growth, due to its potent antioxidants. Evidence also demonstrates Ginseng being useful for enhancing neurocognitive functions and for memory-related disorders such as Parkinson’s – increasing the natural dopamine production of the human brain – especially when combined with Ginkgo Biloba (also in this formula)! It can provide an anti-depressant effect and help modulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. Acting as a natural aphrodisiac, Ginseng supports and nourishes the reproductive system and has been known as a male and female tonic to naturally balance hormone production and improve blood flow to the sexual organs. It may help post-menopausal women by increasing female estrogen (estradiol) if the body needs it, and can guard against breast cancer, endometriosis, and hormone-driven issues. For men, it supports the prostate, increases serum testosterone and sperm count for men as they require it too, acting like a natural Viagra.

It protects against alcohol-induced gastric ulcers, inhibits growth of liver cancer cells, and aids with the manufacturing of protein from amino acids. Ginseng’s anti-aging effects are thought to come from its ability to increase the body’s synthesis of DNA, RNA, protein, and gonadotropins – all of which extend the cell life. It contains insulin-like effects for blood sugar removal, supports the adrenals, stimulates the appetite, aids with cocaine withdrawal, normalizes blood pressure, reduces cholesterol levels, protects against harmful radiation, helps eliminate feverish and inflammatory illnesses, good for blood diseases, promotes lung function, normalizes digestive imbalances, and helpful against viruses, heavy metals, and pollution. Its ginsenosides upregulate the conversion rate of the amino acid arginine into nitric oxide, giving a natural athletic boost in muscle mass and performance enhancement. A little goes a long way, and the longer you take it….the more obvious the results!

Chaga – Neutralize

chaga mushroom.jpg

Hailing as the “king of medicinal mushroom” Chaga is head and shoulders above all other mushrooms. Considered by many as a symbiotic endophyte, this polypore mushroom is found predominantly on Birch trees where it derives it potent antioxidant reservoirs. It can withstand -40C degree temperatures, allowing it to possess key adaptogenic properties which it can convey to the human body. In Russia, it has been known as a potent anti-cancer herb since 1955; in fact, the Norwegian word for Chaga means “cancer polypore”. The peoples in Siberia have long been using this as a natural coffee substitute, as it contains naturally stimulating components. Chaga, like other mushrooms, is a rich source of beta-glucans, which are a class of polysaccharides which have the unique ability to modify or modulate the immune response depending on the body’s requirements.

The mushroom must be heat or hot-water extracted to release these beneficial compounds; we use a 9:1 hot-water concentrated extract! Pure medicine! Get this…..Chaga is generally known to have among the highest amounts of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants (ORAC score) of any plant or herb on the planet – including, arguably the richest natural source of zinc, melanin, SOD (Superoxide Dismutase), and germanium!! It is also the most concentrated place to find betulinic acid, an extremely powerful anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory compound derived from the birch tree. This compound is only active at the low pH that is also found in tumors, and once inside the tumor it causes apoptosis (programmed cell death) in the cancer cells. Due to its high melanin content, it is considered by some health experts as a natura sunblock and radioprotective supplement.

Shilajit – Activate


Referred to as “the destroyer of weakness”, although this is technically not an “herb” yet still it is classified as one of the top Indian herb-mineral botanicals for immune-regulation, reducing fatigue, speeding wound healing, slowing aging, tonifying the brain, cleansing the blood, and strengthening the liver and kidneys. It is naturally found as an exude isolated and preserved in the high Himalayan Mountains between 10-18000 feet high, and is the product of the microbial breakdown of organic matter that has been pressurized by rock. It is especially added to formulas to act as a potentiator for the uptake of vital nutrients, thus, enhancing the absorption and overall effectiveness of the medicinal properties in the herbs.

Traditionally this tar-like black resin has been used as an antioxidant-rich superfood and known for detoxifying, revitalizing, and strengthening as its key features.

Containing amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and over 85 minerals in natural ionic “charged” form, this substance allows for easier digestion due to the ease with which the nutrients are transported and absorbed. The chief plant chemicals are fulvic and humic acids. Fulvic acid has the ability to react with cells and produce new mineral compounds (biological transmutation). Acts as a natural cleanser and detoxifier of environmental toxins (such as plastics, xenoestrogens, MSG, and heavy metals). Shilajit is known as quintessential adaptogen, toning the kidneys, increasing energy, stimulating appetite, and promoting healthy libido for both genders. Furthermore, it can act as a natural stimulant and energizer to improve physical endurance and recuperation. Research has revealed that its high content of triterpinoids helps fight several different types of diseases including cancers. Science is showing that it may also be a potent aid for combating Alzheimer’s Disease, and that it may even have the potential to dissolve calcification crystals in the tissues and deposits around the bones.  

Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses – Re-mineralize

blackstrap molasses.jpg

Yes, this does come from same plant that your table sugar comes from but that’s as far as the similarities go. Blackstrap Molasses is all the good from the sugarcane plant and leaves out all the bad. White refined crystalline sugar is typically 99% sucrose, a strong irritant to the stomach at high amounts, but blackstrap molasses averages about only 30%, with 13% fructose and 12% glucose. There are three grades of molasses, the third boiling and caramelizing of sugarcane juice is referred to as blackstrap because it has maximum amount of sugar crystals removed from the end-product. This extraction process is also what concentrates the final viscous liquid into a dark color full of active minerals. One of the highest known sources of iron is blackstrap molasses, giving 20% of your daily value from 1 tablespoon alone – and it won’t constipate you either; in fact, it can be a rather mild laxative! This is great news for women dealing with anemia, or just pre-menopausal women in general. It is also exceptionally high in absorbable calcium as well as vitamin B6, needed for serotonin production, healthy bones, fluid balance, homocysteine level normalization, and nervous system regulation. Many have used blackstrap molasses with success as a hair and skin rejuvenator, again due to its rich mineral concentration, and sometimes even darkening or reversing grey hair.

Beet Root Juice – Build

beet root.jpg

This is a beautiful magenta colored herb that has become renowned for its positive effects upon the circulatory system – the color gives it away! Beet root is also arguably one of the richest source of nitrates, betaines and betalain pigments (which gives it its deep red-purple appearance). Betaines and betalains have been known to help with the elimination of toxins, and the reduction of homocysteine levels through the methylation pathways (regenerates methionine reductase enzyme), thus, improving cardiovascular health. As a “methyl donor” beet root improves the bodies chemical processes including the metabolism of lipids and DNA formation. Betalains are also anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and aids with detoxification in the liver via increasing the master antioxidant Glutathione. The whole food nitrates in beets are completely different than the synthetic and carcinogenic sodium nitrate preservatives; instead, beet nitrates are converted into nitric oxide in the human body

Nitric oxide is the substance in our bloodstream known especially for improving blood flow to the heart, brain, and muscles, thereby, increasing oxygen utilization. It is also a natural vasodilator which widens the blood vessels and helps lower or maintain healthy blood pressure levels. These effects have also been shown to enhance exercise performance and tolerance to stress; giving you a truly energizing experience. This plant is abundant in vitamin C and folic acid which is important for proper spinal cord development; it also is high in iron which is useful for menstruating women and replenishment of blood. The carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin are plentiful in beets and are the two best compounds that can enter the retina of the eye as well as assist with protection of the skin. Beet root juice has clinically been as a part of therapy for cancer patients with marked success, efficiently eradicating tumors through its antioxidant activity. The juice can also be effective at reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels, making it protective against atherosclerosis. This formula offers you the juice of the beet, making the making it 10x more nutrient rich than normal!

White Peony – Balance

white peony root.jpg

This root is known to nourish the blood of the liver, reduce pain, and promote a clear and soothe mind. It’s calming action has been known to treat emotional nervous conditions, skin eruptions, anemia, painful menses, muscle spasms, and mental depression. It has the ability to reduce testosterone in women, but not in men, but rather helps induce regular ovulation. It can improve memory and protect from chemically-induced liver damage. It is a great additional supporting herb…especially for you Peony-lovers!

Mesquite – Nourish

mesquite pods.jpg

This bean-fruit has been the nomads’ staple food for centuries, offering a rich source of protein (amino acid lysine), minerals (calcium, magnesium etc.), fiber, and a sweet rich molasses-caramel kind of flavor. The powder was historically used as a grain-like flour as well as a whole-food sugar substitute due to its low glycemic index effects on blood sugar; and thankfully, it also has antibacterial properties, too.

Carob – Tantalize


I mean really… who doesn’t like chocolate, right (former chocoholic speaking)? The problem is, you guessed it, caffeine! So, what if you could get the chocolaty taste without the nervous buzz? Introducing your new besty….Carob! With less saturated fat, more calcium, and no caffeine or oxalates, this pod makes for an excellent chocolate replacement. Carob also contain special bulking agent properties which helps prevent conditions such as diarrhea, and has an overall calming effect upon the nervous system.

Chicory – Earthy

chicory root.jpg

Sometimes referred to as “white lettuce”, this cousin of dandelion root is a superb prebiotic – food for your good gut bacteria. It serves well as a diuretic, laxative, sedative, cardio-tonic, lowers blood sugar, antibacterial, and as an anti-inflammatory. It happens to come with a nice earthy tone of flavor which complements this formula very nicely. Chicory root can support with kidney, liver and gallbladder healing (jaundice), can be an effective remedy for urinary organs, stomach, and the spleen. It works great for settling an upset stomach, expelling the morbid substances, and toning up the system.

Monk Fruit – Sweeten

longevity fruit.jpg

Also called “Luo Han Guo”, monk fruit is a perennial vine from the gourd family, and is becoming more and more declared as a perfect sugar replacement due to its high sweetness (300x more than table sugar) without raising blood sugar! The taste comes from a component called mogrosides which is what actually gives the fruit its antioxidant power, and yet it is not metabolized as sugar in the body. Research has shown that the fruits’ mogrosides reduce intracellular ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) and helps regulated gene expression involved in glucose metabolism. Other studies have shown it to have anti-cancer and anti-diabetic effects. It has traditionally been used as a remedy for coughs, fevers, inflammation, fatigue, sore throats, and to break up phlegm or mucus. Its antibacterial properties have shown it to be useful against periodontal disease and tooth decay. In addition, its sweet, toffee-like taste adds a depth and robustness to this already delicious elixir.

Ramon Nut – Coffee


This is a highly nutritious member of the fig/mulberry family, and a favorite of the Mayan civilization for thousands of years. The tree can produce 150 lbs of nuts per year, standing at 45 m tall! The Maya people refer to it as the “corn tree” as it was a staple crop that was stored for lengthy periods of time. Ramon seeds are allergen-free….yes!!! The roasted and ground nut has been used as a coffee substitute and the taste could fool the longest of coffee-addicts

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